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Created 27-Feb-11
For years I have been fascinated with both the agricultural landscape and the people who are the stewards of it. Over the past decade I've had the opportunity by way of a family farm to get close to the lives of those who work and shape the agricultural landscape. I've spent time in their communities and watched as their life blood is drained, I've captured the crumbling of their main streets, and the transformation of their land as wind turbines flattened the visual and human scale of the land. A couple of decades ago I had the opportunity to work with farmers in Iowa and witness first hand the the shift in scale of the family farm. The increasing need for ever larger machinery pushed an expansion of a once intimate and human scale space, the farm yard, to one built to honor large scale production. The photographs in this continually running series are here to bear witness to the changes of our rural agricultural landscape.
The FarmFarm TownMachine in the Garden